(In Joan’s own words)

My reunion with my daughter, Jeanne, occurred on Mother’s Day, May 12, 2013. Our reunion was an unbelievable experience, and it was made possible because of ALMA’s dedicated service. My coordinator, Marie, told me on the phone, “This is a miracle!” Well, it has been a true miracle of love for both my daughter and her family as well as my own. My first reaction when I got the “call,” was very skeptical. Something in Marie’s voice and her sincerity caused me to follow through. My son, D…., announced to everyone when we had just come home from a Memorial Mass for my husband that he had found my daughter and “his sister.” There are no “halves” in our family. Jeanne is my daughter and their sister for sure.

If only more people could know about that adoption can bring much joy. Yes, it was the hardest decision I ever made but the most selfless. At the time I gave my eight-day old daughter to God and I trusted that He would take care of her. God is faithful, and now 52 years later, I am holding my daughter in my arms. The circle is complete.

Both Jeanne, my daughter, and I feel that our story needs to be told so that other women know that adoption is an option. The joy that we are experiencing now is God’s return to me for the gift I gave to HIM 52 years ago. We are now planning for future visits so that we can meet Jeanne’s husband and their three children. Her sister accompanied her and my children said that Jeanne’s sister, Kathy, is their sister, too. Since she was adopted as well and their adoptive parents are deceased, we have become one big family.

Joan – Birth mother – joined ALMA in 1991 and found her daughter, thru ALMA May 2013!

Congratulations, Joan, and thanks for your support of Alma!

Also thanks to the registrar, Ms. Jackson and our search assistant, Lori, who also worked hard on this case!

You can read their story on facebook!

Submitted: May 17, 2013

By Marie H. Anderson, Coordinator, The ALMA Society