Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after I register with ALMA?

Membership application is received, and we check our database for possible matches. Welcome letter, chapter list, and list of URL’s will be emailed to new member, including the post adoption laws for the particular state in which they are searching.

Who may register with ALMA?

Some adoptive parents are now searching for the birth parent(s) of their minor children. As the legal guardian of a minor child, the adoptive parent has an absolute right to make this decision and we support it. They understand their child’s need to know their roots is not a negotiation of his love for them but an affirmation of himself as a human being. We welcome them most warmly. Adult adoptees over 18 years of age. Birth parents. Foster children over 18 years of age. Adoptive parents of a minor child under 18 years of age. Siblings, aunts, uncles, grandparents. No third party or intermediary applications will be accepted.

How do I update my information with ALMA?

The one-time fee of only $69.99 is non-refundable, (completely tax deductible) and it entitles new members to permanent registration with no renewal required. You may update your information in the ALMA Registry whenever you have new facts for us, without additional charge. Just mark “Update” on your membership application form. Also, when you find, please inform us so we can mark your case as matched and reunited, or found. Please include an e-mail address as that is the way you will be contacted. Providing information to you in writing is preferable to providing it over the telephone.

How do you match people?

We have a Reunion Databank. It contains the vital statistics of adoptees, birth parents and all persons separated by adoption for possible matching. In most cases adoptees do not know their original names; birth parents do not know the adoptive names of the children they surrendered for adoption. The facts that we do know are: Sex of the child Date of birth Place of birth For example, if a mother who gave up a son born May 20, 1930 in St. Luke’s Hospital, New York and an adopted male with matching information both register with us, we put them in touch without delay.

How does my donation help ALMA?

We are a completely volunteer organization and we do not receive any state or federal funding. Your donation helps us cover our operating costs which include telephone/fax/computer software, website hosting fees, printing, postage, monthly service provider fees, etc. Our only source of income is through registration fees and donations from members and friends. It is only through their loyal support that ALMA has been able to continue to maintain our Registry and continue into our 39th year of search and support service to the adoption community. As with anything else, there are costs associated with running ALMA and other registries and groups, Webhosting fees Domain registration fees Monthly service provider fees ( i.e. AOL, Optonline etc.) Computer hardware and software Computer programming & repairs Printer and printing supplies (ink cartridges etc.) Postage Stationery/envelopes/photocopies/printing Utilities (i.e. gas/electric) Telephone/fax Many searchers have been reunited because of the financial support of our members. Their continuing support will enable us to continue to help future searchers reunite.